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Seed Cleaning & Grain Conditioning      Seed Cleaning, Grain Conditioning, Laboratory Equipment

Corn Cleaner for Corn Stove Owners


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No matter want brand of corn stove or corn furnace you own or plan to purchase it will perform better with clean corn.  It is money well spent to make your corn burner more efficient and cuts down on the cleaning of your corn stove.  We use one ourselves in combination with our Bixby Corn Stove.  Click here to learn more about the SHUR-KLEEN CORN CLEANER SCREENER

Our Bio-Fuels generate more energy per dollar than fossil fuels.  Isn't about time we start using renewable resources?


new.gif (195 bytes) GrainWay L.L.C. is farmer owned and farmer trusted. We are a manufacturer of Under Aeration Floor Conveyor Systems. 

You will enjoy how gentle and fast our two models of conveyors move most types of grain with a capacity of over 5000 bushel per hour.  Smooth and easy operation as well as portability to similar sized bins makes our conveyors very efficient.

Kautzman-Millwright - From "design through delivery", we match safety-certified, experienced professionals to your specific job requirements. Our personnel, machine shop, and complete steel fabrication and welding facilities can handle all of your industrial needs - expertly and efficiently.

West Dakota Feed & Seed can supply seed and grain orders with North Dakota grown product right from the grower. We clean it, bag it, and ship it direct to you.

We are different from the rest because we focus on "Identity Preservation", which means specific varieties of grains, pulses, or oilseeds are kept separate. Our buyers can purchase a specific type of durum or grain variety to maintain a high quality consistancey in their product line.

Specialty crop cleaning, seed processing, bagging, treating, and marketing on all types of grain including organic.
The AMOS spiral gives you that profit. In fact, no other soybean cleaner comes close to matching the overall performance of the AMOS spiral. Independent University tests have shown that the AMOS spiral separator easily cleans up to 300% more seed than conventional spirals. Plus, since each seed lot differs, you can fine-tune your spirals for precision operations The AMOS spiral has also proven superior in separating corn from beans. click here for more information.....

  Vanmark Corporation is known world wide as the leading manufacturer of commercial peeling, scrubbing, washing, handling, and cleaning equipment for food processors and growers.  Our primary focus is peelers.  Our equipment is used by both large and small food processing companies and producers to handle, store, and prepare potatoes, onions, and carrots, plus a variety of other agricultural products.

Powder & Bulk  The best web site for the materials handling professional

Motomco Moisture Testing Equipment

Production Sales Grain System Specialists Improving Grain System Efficiency

e-mail or call us at 1-800-642-6005   Seward, NE. USA

Hoffman Mfg. Hoffman Manufacturing, Inc. offers the largest selection of seed and grain testing laboratory equipment and supplies available. Established in 1959, we have over 30 years experience satisfying an international clientele. Contact Hoffman for all of your seed and grain testing needs.

Seed Buro moisture testers

Calibration Plus

Northland Superior

Northland Superior is committed to providing value to its customers, from initial systems design through equipment manufacturing, to installation, commissioning, and ongoing service.

Northland Superior is committed to providing solutions to our customers in every customer contact, whether the customer need at the time is for an overall system, a specific piece of equipment, an answer to a question, or a replacement part.

A and E Consultants - United Kingdom Many components for handling and cleaning grains.

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Camas International is the manufacturer of a new line of high-tech machinery which can substantially increase the efficiency and profitability of a wide range of agribusiness activities, including flour milling. Based on patented technology developed by Dr. Arthur Zaltzman, an internationally renowned scientist and engineer, our machines create a fluidized bed to sort, clean and upgrade all types of grains, oilseeds, pulses and nuts.

Photo of Camas on farm cleaner

Photo of Camas on farm cleaner

Roman Meal Milling The goal of The Roman Meal Milling Company is long-term independent survival. It will achieve that goal by profitably supplying high-quality special milled and/or packaged products to its customers. People, both within and outside the company, are its most important asset and will be treated with respect and honesty.

Click here for more information Grain to Beans and anything in between                          Portable Seed Cleaning and Grain Conditioning

Extensive listing of Used Grain Cleaning Equipment

Go here for a listing of SEED PLANTS located in Canada.


Can-Seed Equipment Ltd.

DAMAS is one of the worlds longest existing and most experienced manufacturers of machines and complete plants for processing of grain and seed.

Whether you choose one of the Forsberg standard models or need custom design, the Forsberg mark of quality is put on the complete line. Let Forsberg demonstrate the results of our product line, a complete test lab is ready to prove Forsberg is the leader in separation technology. From fans to conveyors, screeners to destoners in agriculture, recycling, food processing and more, Forsberg is the right choice for your separation system.


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Bjerke Brothers, Inc. for all your cleaning equipment sales and service.  We handle Ideal Drum Mills and Crippen cleaning products and

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